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Featured Banner

A banner advertisement is like the sun in the sky with its ray reaching every corner of the world. Imagine your company’s products and services reaching every corner of the world nights or days, all year round. Such is what an advertisement with Allactiontrade does for your company and its products.

Featured Company Banner advertisement:

Why Featured Company Banner advertisement?
Buyers first pay attention to featured companies since the featured advertisers are companies who are serious about business. Like yellow pages, advertisers are always the first to be called or contacted for business.

Banner size: 140x40
Where can I place my Featured Company Banner advertisement?
Anywhere on an Allactiontrade page according to your needs and requirements. Sellers are strongly recommended to place their Featured Company advertisements directly in the categories of the products they sell. For example, a seafood exporter/processor would be recommended to place their Featured Company advertisement banner under the category "Seafood".

Would you like to advertise your Company Banner under Featured Company with now? Join Now!

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