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1. Bouffant Cap Bouffant Cap
Bouffant Cap Feures and specificions: 1) Highly brehable and low-linting 2) fortable and secure for any hair style 3) Packaged in boxes for medical andor general use, or bagged for cleanrooms 4) Color: white, blue, green, pink, red 5) Size: 18,...
Offer Type Category Post Date
sell Medical and Dental 23/Jul/2014
Related Keywords : [ Bouffant Cap ]
Related Subcat : [ Hygiene Disposables | Infection control | Medical:Supplies ]
2. Face Mask Face Mask
1) Capability: disposable, st 2) adopt merials produced German machinery 3) Sanition and quality in accordance with CE, FDA and ISO9001 standards 4) Customers logos can be printed on 5) Various colors available Inner packing: 100pcsinner box O...
Offer Type Category Post Date
sell Medical and Dental 23/Jul/2014
Related Keywords : [ Face Mask ]
Related Subcat : [ Dental:Supplies | Disposable Syringes | Supplements:Shark Cartilage | Viagra | Medical:Equipment:Disposable | Medical:Equipment:Sterilization | ]
3. Nural Kitchen All purpose Detergent Nural Kitchen All-purpose Detergent
All kinds kitchen ware , washing vegetable & fruits Adopting the lest Bio-technology O&D-EUROE, and with the environmental-friendly merial nural plants and halobios extractives it is no incentive and no hurt to the hands Bio-degradin...
Offer Type Category Post Date
sell Consumer Goods and Appliances 23/Jul/2014
Related Keywords : [ Nural | Detergent ]
Related Subcat : [ Household Items | Household Cleaning Utensils ]
4. Synthetic Surgical Gloves Synthetic Surgical Gloves
This pair synthetic surgical gloves is powder-free for a smooth texture These medical gloves are made high-quality nural rubber lex for maximum durability This pair gloves reduces the transmitted viral load in the event a blood exposure accide...
Offer Type Category Post Date
sell Medical and Dental 23/Jul/2014
Related Keywords : [ Synthetic Surgical Gloves ]
Related Subcat : [ Medical Supplies | Medical and Dental | Medical:Equipment:Disposable | Medical:Supplies | Other Medical and Dental ]
5. electro synergy electro synergy
This electro synergy is made high-quality stainless steel for maximum durability This medical tool provides gre conductivity for the highest efficiency This electro synergy is suitable for surgeries Merial: stainless steel Available in different ...
Offer Type Category Post Date
sell Medical and Dental 23/Jul/2014
Related Keywords : [ electro synergy ]
Related Subcat : [ Surgical products ]
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