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1. Lip Gloss Lip Gloss
lip gloss with FDA & SGS standard quality have passed ISO 9001,and have enough experience to produce s according FDA & SGS, have different grades quality,according to you require, will give you a more petitive price accept OEM & ODM
Offer Type Category Post Date
sell Beauty and Health Care 18/Dec/2014
Related Keywords : [ Lip Gloss ]
Related Subcat : [ Beauty Equipments | Beauty Supplies | Beauty Saloon EquipmentsCosmetic Supplies and accessories ]
2. fragrance lamp fragrance lamp
This is a fragrance lamp with amber lines and rough seal It emits scent and purify the air in the room The lamp will produce a moody dim light in the darkness, burning as with energy Feure: purifies and fragrances the air No smoke or continuons op...
Offer Type Category Post Date
sell Gift and Premium 18/Dec/2014
Related Keywords : [ fragrance lamp ]
Related Subcat : [ 3D Crystal Gifts | Advertising Board | Al:Qibla Prayer Time Watch | Alarm Clocks Gifts | Antique Gifts | Antique reproduction | ]
3. Aroma Oil And Stick Aroma Oil And Stick
This is an aroma oil with incense sticks It has stylish ball-shaped bottle th has conglomere tiles as cover The scent released the oil can charge ones energy and help him to resume to the best ste It shines with a luxurious and glamorous gleam wh...
Offer Type Category Post Date
sell Beauty and Health Care 18/Dec/2014
Related Keywords : [ Aroma Oil And Stick ]
Related Subcat : [ Chemical Agents:Brokers | Banks and Chemical FinancingChemical Supplies ]
4. textiles leher s, thread textiles  leher s,thread
rubber thread world flex co, ltd a subsidiary thai rubber lex corporion, was established in 1993 and is part the thaitex group paniesworld flex co, ltd has a manufacturing plant for high quality talcum and silicone coed nural rubber thread wi...
Offer Type Category Post Date
sell Rubber 18/Dec/2014
Related Keywords : [ textiles leher s thread | rubber plastics rubbe... ]
Related Subcat : [ Rubber and Plastic ]
5. rubber plastics rubber raw merialslex rubber rubber  plastics rubber raw merialslex rubber
are one the worlds largest rs lex loced in thailand, the home rubber ion with more than 30 years in lex manufacturing, have pround understanding in customer requirements for lex, including consistent , good quality, and customer service our f...
Offer Type Category Post Date
sell Chemical 18/Dec/2014
Related Keywords : [ rubber plastics rubber raw merials lex rubber ... ]
Related Subcat : [ Chemicals Paint ]
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